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Red king crab are the best-known, and most flavorful of the 3 types of commercially-harvested king crab in Alaska.

These delectable crabs can be found in waters all around the state, but notable fisheries exist today in Bristol Bay, Norton Sound, and Southeast Alaska. The Bristol Bay red king crab fishery is the most famous king crab fishery in Alaska, and produces jumbo-sized crab. All of Alaska's king crab fisheries are sustainably-managed by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game - making Alaska king crab a responsible seafood choice you can feel good about.

The Norton Sound red king crab fishery is notable because it takes place in the summer. These smaller-than-average Alaska king crabs are exceptionally tasty.

Southeast Alaska produces jumbo-sized red king crabs, although the quota is relatively small, as compared to the quota in Bristol Bay.

One other Alaska king crab fishery worth noting is Pribilof Island blue king crab. Alaska's largest king crab exist there - in the waters surrounding Saint Paul and Saint George islands. As of this writing, the fishery has not opened since 1998, due to low crab populations. The colossal Pribilof king crab legs were the largest Alaska king crab legs that FishEx has ever offered. One of these years, the Pribilof district will hopefully re-open.

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