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Fresh King Crab Legs

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You can't get king crab legs this fresh unless you're on the boat catching 'em with fellow fishermen!

Fresh king crab legs are a FishEx specialty! We seasonally offer:

  • Fresh Norton Sound red king crab legs  (late Junemid August)
  • Fresh Alaska golden king crab legs  (early Septembermid October)
  • Fresh Alaska red king crab legs & Captain's Reserve giant red king crab legs  (mid October - November)

Our fresh king crab is cleaned, cooked, chilled - and then delivered to your home overnight, from Alaska! Fresh king crab legs arrive icy - but not hard-frozen. Fresh king crab is packed in 'cluster' form, or as individual legs & claws. Fresh king crab legs have a soft, delicate texture and rich flavor that cannot be rivaled by cooked-and-frozen crab legs.

Fresh King Crab Legs
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