Crab gifts are enjoyed by just about anyone!  Birthdays, 'thank-yous', anniversaries, and the holiday season are just some of the occasions when crab giftinb takes place. Crab makes a great present because it is consumed; you never have to worry about it getting placed, 'unused' on some shelf. People are going to enjoy it!

Mix-and-match your own crab favorites from our giant online selection, or pick one of our convenient ready-to-deliver gift boxesHere are some crab gift ideas:

  • King crab is the most popular type of crab for gift-giving. Red king crab, or the colossal Captain's Reserve impressive, delicous, and is always appreciated by the lucky recipient.
  • Split crab legs, or crab meat require no shucking, and make a thoughtful gift for elderly crab enthusiasts - who might otherwise struggle to get to the sweet, succulent meat.
  • Pick one of our convenient crab gift boxes make crab-giving quick and easy!

Tip:  White truffle butter pairs exceptionally well with crab - and makes a thoughtful gift box addition.

Crab Gifts

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