Golden King Crab

Golden, or "brown" king crabs are one of Alaska's most abundant kind of king crab. The state's main golden king crab fishery takes place along the Aleutian Islands, and reaches into the far-western Bering Sea.

In Alaska, golden king crab are typically caught by 'long-lining', where massive steel crab pots are tied together, and hauled-up in a continuous string. The Aleutian golden, or 'brown' king crab fishery is often regarded by Alaskan crabbers as being the hardest and most dangerous fishery in the world.

Reaching sizes that are easily considered 'jumbo' even by Alaskan standards, golden king crab are excellent fresh. The mild-flavored crab meat is tender and succulent.

Golden king crab legs can be distinguished by their light orange color, large spines - particularly on the claw arms, and dark-tipped claw pincers.

Golden King Crab
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