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What products do you offer wholesale?

  • Snow Crab Clusters (Opilio & Bairdi) 1/15 - 3/15
  • Halibut Fletch 3/15 - 10/15
  • Copper River Sockeye Fillet 6/1 - 7/15
  • Yukon Salmon Fillet (Coho & Fall-Chum) 7/15 - 8/31
  • King Crab Clusters (Red & sometimes Blue) 8/21 - 11/15

Does fresh crab really taste different than frozen crab?

YES! Fresh crab is noticeably richer in flavor and lacks the briny flavor notes that occur in frozen crab. It has a pure, slightly sweet flavor and a much softer, more delicate texture. The difference is astounding!

How can I tell if my vendor is selling fresh crab, not just frozen and re-thawed crab?

As always, it's best to deal with a reputable seafood vendor. Telltale signs that crab has been frozen include:

  • Curdled white clumps of crab blood on the meat.
  • Slightly tougher texture.
  • Lacks richness.
  • Salty or briny flavor; less sweet.

Note that fresh crab will seemingly melt-in-your-mouth and retains a lot of its original sweetness. Frozen crab meat is firmer, and its flavor will be diminished by the freezing and re-thawing process. Sometimes the soft texture of fresh crab takes people by surprise; Be sure to educate your wait staff so they can describe it well to your customers.

How should I store my fresh crab?

FishEx delivers crab in convenient, insulated boxes that can be placed in your walk-in cooler. If your crab arrives with a chunk of dry ice on top - then leave it! (This will help to prevent drip-loss.)

We recommend packing a few scoops of ice between the styrofoam box and the blue plastic liner inside.

If your crab begins to lose its icy texture, our insulated packaging allows you to place it temporarily in your freezer (for a 3 or 4 hours), which quickly removes the excess heat, while preventing it from actually freezing. Ideally, you want to keep your fresh crab at 22-28 degrees F.

If I have to freeze my crab, how should I do it?

It is never a good idea to freeze fresh crab unless absolutely necessary, as it will lose its flavor and texture. If you must freeze it, a good way to preserve the overall quality of the meat is to shuck it, pack it into a vacuum-sealed pouch or tightly-wrapped in plastic, and freeze it directly in front of the fans in your walk-in freezer.

How do I prevent drip-loss?

Store your crab at 22-28 degrees Fahrenheit. You want to keep it icy, but not hard-frozen. Note that the the salt content in crab will prevent a "hard" freeze - even into the 20s, Fahrenheit.

These temperatures also help to maximize shelf life. If stored at ideal temperatures, you can expect your fresh crab to last seven or more days.

Is your crab sustainably caught?

Yes! The Alaska Department of Fish and Game closely regulates crab fishing, and Alaska's fisheries are among the best-managed in the world.

What other products do you offer wholesale?

We currently offer Fresh Alaska Crab and Salmon at different points throughout the year. Which seafood is fresh and in-season changes month-to-month. Here is a quick overview of our projected Fresh Offerings.

  • Snow Crab Clusters (Opilio & Bairdi) 1/15 - 3/15
  • Copper River Sockeye Fillet 6/1 - 7/15
  • Yukon Salmon Fillet (Coho & Fall-Chum) 7/15 - 8/31
  • King Crab Clusters (Red & sometimes Blue) 8/21 - 7/15 & 10/21 - 11/15

Orders and Ordering

How do I place my first order?

Simply place your order online, as you would with a non-wholesale order on FishEx.com. Your FishEx account will be set-up during the checkout process. You can also call call us at 888-926-3474, and we will gladly assist.

How far in-advance can I place my wholesale order?

Months, or even as little as a week before! Be aware: there is a lead-time for all wholesale orders, which varies by product.

After your first order, we can set up a "Fresh Program" with you - and arrange for regular wholesale deliveries on a schedule that works best for the needs of your business.

Call us at 888-926-3474, and we will be happy to set this up.

Can I order a partial case?

No. The minimum for wholesale orders is one case. If you would like to order less than that, smaller quantities (or even discounted cases) can be found on the retail portion of our website.

When will my order arrive?

During the checkout process (or on the phone), you will be able to choose your delivery date.

What is the difference between wholesale and retail prices?

Wholesale prices are significantly lower than retail prices. Of course, volumes are also greater, and the seafood is packed in more of a "bulk" manner than retail seafood.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. Use your corporate or rewards card and earn miles when you order from FishEx! We do not offer credit terms, or accept checks.


Can I specify my delivery date?

Yes! You can choose the delivery date that works best for you, on Tuesdays - Fridays.

Can I specify the time of day my package will be delivered?

No; UPS has a set route for every location.

What days do you ship?

We SHIP Mondays - Thursdays, for deliveries on Tuesdays - Fridays. We do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays.

How much does shipping cost?

Overnight shipping (UPS Next Day Air Saver) is included in the wholesale price (to most US cities). Priority overnight shipping is required for some (generally more rural or remote) zip codes, and is an additional $35.

How do you ship?

We ship our wholesale seafood in insulated boxes, via UPS overnight service. We use dry ice, and sometimes gel packs as a refrigerant for both fresh and frozen seafood.

Doesn’t the dry ice freeze the fresh seafood during shipment?

No. We wrap the dry ice, and prevent direct contact with the fresh product. Keep in mind that fresh crab should arrive in an "icy" or “frosty” state, but the legs should still be flexible.

Why do you use dry ice instead of gel packs?

Pound-for-pound, dry ice is more efficient refrigerant than gel packs. It is lighter, and has more "cooling power" per pound.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we only ship wholesale seafood within the U.S. at this time.

Do you ship wholesale orders to Hawaii?

Yes. A $50 shipping surcharge applies. Note that shipments to the outer islands generally take an extra day, so please plan accordingly.

I'm a corporate buyer. Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Yes. Call us and we can help you. 888-926-3474

My Account

Do I have to submit an application to order wholesale from FishEx?

No. An application is not required. Your account will be set-up automatically when your first order is placed.

Should I put my personal information into the account, or the company info?

As an owner-operator, you definitely use your personal email account. However, it could also be beneficial to have your company’s contact information down instead. As long as you place your order with an email account from your company which is checked regularly, there should be no need to use your personal email address to set-up the account.

Do I need to be a chef or commercial buyer in order to purchase from FishEx Wholesale?

No. Our wholesale offerings are designed to fit the needs of restaurants, seafood markets, and commercial buyers.

Case sizes are large, cuts are generally more 'bulk', and there is no retail packaging. However, individuals may also order. (Note that our wholesale pricing is quite low. You may find it worthwhile to get some friends together to 'go in' on a wholesale case of seafood.

Hours, Location, and Contact Information

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm, Alaska Standard Time. We answer wholesale customer phone calls at all times of the day! You are very important to us and if you call us on the direct wholesale line listed below, we will do our best to answer your call any time.

What is your contact information?

Phone: (888) 926-3474

Email: wholesale@fishex.com

Where are you located?

Our packaging plant and storefront is located at:
4611 Gambell Street
Anchorage, AK 99503