Patagonia King Salmon

One of Chile's most famous wild king salmon runs was started in the 1990's by transplanting king salmon from the Pacific Northwest to the pure, glacier-fed waters of Patagonia. By the early 2000's, this salmon stock soared in numbers, and thereafter, became the first-ever commercial fishery for wild king salmon in the southern hemisphere.

Chinook salmon are often known and marketed by the name of the river system from which they come. These wild Patagonia kings stem from the Toltén River in Chile, in the Araucania region of Chile.

This fishery has a limited season from Dec 15th through the last day of February. Only 32 artisanal boats are permitted to fish for wild Patagonian king salmon each season. The commercial fishing salmon run is just 6.8km from the mouth of the Toltén river estuary to old Toltén upriver.

The fish are initially bled, cleaned and iced 500m from the landing site. The fish are then transported to the processing plant where they receive a second cleaning, are boxed and re-iced & ready for shipment.

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