Alaska's Main Snow Crab Season (Opilio) is CLOSED, However...

Alaska's Main Snow Crab Season (Opilio) is CLOSED, However...

Posted by FishEx Seafoods on Oct 17th 2022

...Alaska's Giant Snow Crab (Bairdi) will OPEN!

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has determined that there are not enough harvestable-sized Opilio snow crab to support a fishing season. Therefor, in order to preserve this resource for future harvests, a fishing season will not take place this winter.

Opilio snow crab is normally quite abundant in Alaska. You might expect to see it at a grocery stores or seafood buffets. It's delicious, but small. Giant snow crab (Bairdi) tastes every bit as good as Opilio, but by size comparison, is HUGE!

Most people are not familiar with Bairdi. When they think of snow crab, they think of the smaller Opilio variety. FishEx customers have been enjoying Bairdi for over 20 years. Bairdi is a premium giant snow crab, with a limited supply available.

Give Alaska giant snow crab a try! It's valued-priced when compared to king crab, and is actually much more flavorful. It is our founders favorite crab.

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