Why Crab Prices are so High this Year

Why Crab Prices are so High this Year

Posted by Cade Smith on Dec 4th 2021

As with many other commodities, the prices for seafood, and particularly shellfish have shot upward in recent months. You will find this not just at FishEx - but everywhere.

Here at FishEx, we have with great dismay watched as our costs have risen, for the majority of our crab selection, to levels that are 200% to 250% greater than they were 1 year ago.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that Alaska had no king crab season this year. Also, Alaska's snow crab quota (which has a general effect on crab prices) has been reduced to a paltry 5 million pounds. That sounds like a lot, but consider that back in the '90s when I began my career as a crab fisherman, Alaska's snow crab quota stood at 220 million pounds. Part of the problem is the government has been "printing" money, and inflation is now raging. One of the most significant, yet least-known factors is that the Asia-driven market for live king crab has grown rapidly in recent years. At this point, roughly half of the world's supply of king crab finds its way to live markets which are located primarily in South Korea and China. Of course the same "supply chain issues" which are affecting so many other items are also wreaking havoc on the seafood supply chain.


As our regular Alaska crab sources have dwindled this year, FishEx is expanding its selection of crab from other countries including Russia, Canada, and Chile.

  • We are working to bring you the Internet’s greatest selection of premium crab, including favorites such as our very own crab cakes, king crab bisque, and really delicious housemade crab dip. We are bringing in crab from Russia, Canada, and Chile. Subscribe to our emails, and look to FishEx for an even larger selection of all-things-crab in the future!
  • FishEx is offering extra sales & specials this holiday season. Keep an eye on our emailers, and start planning your holiday festivities EARLY!
  • We are offering our popular King Crab Special gift box at a $100.00 discount from the regular item pricing.


  • Keep an open mind, and be flexible - try some new items! We promise there are a lot of other great crab types and items, which you may not have experienced. Dungeness and Snow crab are still good values, although their costs have risen recently too.
  • Place holiday orders early, in order to have the best selection. (Unfortunately, we will run out of many types of crab this year.) Ordering early also help to ensure that gifts, holiday meals, and feasts arrive on time.
  • For your gift-giving needs, consider sending smoked salmon as an item in a gift box, or even as a primary gift.

We appreciate your business, and your continued support. We at FishEx look forward to serving you throughout this holiday season, and beyond. Although it's a splurge this year, FishEx is still proud to offer you a fine selection of the world's best king crab!

Kind regards,

Cade Smith
Owner/ Founder