Wholesale Fresh Crab

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We offer delicous, wholesale fresh Alaskan crab - seasonally available by the case & delivered overnight to your restaurant.

Amaze your dining guests with rich, succulent fresh Alaska crab legs. Fresh crab is notably superior to frozen.  The taste is complex, rich and utterly devoid of any 'briny' flavor notes which are common in frozen crab. Truly fresh crab has flavor notes that are almost "dairy-like", and the delicate meat has a soft texture. You will leave your guests satisfied, impressed - and ready to tell their friends about the amazing crab that "they had at your restaurant".

FishEx was founded by an Alaskan crab fisherman. Fresh crab is one of our specialites, and we are proud to offer it at the wholesale level - nationwide. We can help you set-up a wholesale delivery program, for a consistent supply of fresh crab - right online. In addition, for the times when fresh crab becomes unavailable, we can work with you to substitute cases of bulk, frozen crab - in order to maintain a consistent supply for you.

Fresh wholesale crab offerings include:

  • Fresh red king crab (Norton Sound, AK) - available June - August.
  • Fresh golden king crab (Aleutian Island, AK) - available September - October.
  • Fresh red king crab (Bristol Bay, AK) - available October - November.
  • Fresh snow crab (Bering Sea, AK) - generally available January - April.

It's a great selling point to let your servers and your guests know that you source your crab directly from Alaska. Wholesale deliveries are made overnight, via FedEx and UPS.

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